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Home Repairs in Troy NC

Home Improvement for Troy

Ranger serves Troy, NC, in a range of home improvement services. Those include siding, roofing, windows and guttering.


Siding can transform the look of your home for the better. We offer a wide range of siding options for you. Our installers have years of experience. You can be assured it will be installed properly.

Roofing and Roof Repairs

Ranger provides roofing and roof repair services to Troy, NC, and the surrounding areas. When you need a roof replaced or repaired, just give us a call. We will look at your building and give you an estimate on the cost.

Roofing, Windows and Guttering installed in Troy, NC


Our workers install windows in homes and businesses. Quality replacement windows create a more efficient environment for your home. And they can significantly improve the look of you home.

We Serve the Troy Area

In addition to windows and roofing, we provide guttering and siding. If you live in Troy, NC, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Service Area

Serving Areas of North Carolina

We Proudly Serve Charlotte, Troy, Albemarle, Locust, Norwood, Lake Tillery and surrounding areas.


Our crew will come to your home and install quality siding that will give your home a fresh look.


If the roof on your house is looking old or beginning to leak, then call us. Our professional installers will fix your problem and make your roof look like new.


We provide gutter installation and replacement for our clients in Albemarle and the surrounding areas. Our service areas include Troy, Norwood, Locust and Lake Tillery.

Window Replacement

There are many homes out there with old windows that are inefficient and hard to operate. Our window installers can put new windows in you home.


Residential Roofing by a Professional Contractor

Roofing Contractor

Ranger & Associates offers many roofing options for your home. Shingles are available in a wide range of dimensions and many colors. And other material are available to give your home a unique look. Our roofers have years of experience and are fully trained. We have put shingles on homes across the Concord and Albemarle areas for many years.

One of our most frequent jobs is shingle roof replacement. If you have questions about the dependability of your shingle roof then give us a call. We will come inspect and measure your roof, do a material consultation, and provide you with an estimate as well as a scheduled time to complete the work. We plan to treat your work as we would our own. And we will use fine quality products.

Roof Repair

For home owners who don’t need a new roof, we offer roofing repair services. We will visit your home in the Albemarle, Concord or Troy areas and give you an estimate on the cost of the repair.

Other Roofing Options

There is also the option of metal roofing for your home. It is long lasting and there are plenty of colors to choose from. This roofing comes in a material that will last a long time.

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Ranger Roofing

Welcome to Ranger & Associates

At RANGER & ASSOCIATES, INC. we cover a broad range of residential & commercial home repair services. Our installations can transform the look of your house.

Roofing – Siding – Guttering – Windows

Our roofing work can dramatically improve the look of your home. With replacement windows, we can enhance the performance of your home’s insulation. Siding is another element that will improve your homes look. And our guttering improves the look and reduces the damage water can do to your home. Call us today and let’s discuss what we can do for your home.

Phone: 704-984-2441

Serving Albemarle, Locust, Norwood, Troy, Lake Tillery and the surrounding areas.

This is a roofing job we did for First Assembly Church.

Roof Repair and Replacement

This is a picture of roofing being installed on a house.

We offer roofing repair and replacement services for shingle roofs, flat roofs, metal roofs and other roofing materials. If you’re considering a roof replacement you may want to consider it sooner rather than later. Prices depend on the petroleum market. And those prices can increase quickly. To learn what a roofing contractor can do for you, go to our residential roofing page for more details.

We also offer water repellent and acrylic trowel-on water tight adhesive products for leaking chimneys, retainer walls, parapet walls and brick patios and pavers.

Roofing Contractor

This is a roof repair on a church

Commercial buildings use a variety of roofing materials that include shingles, rubber membrane and metal roofing. Many businesses use us as their contractor to do this work.

We install many flat roofs on office buildings, warehouses and modular units. Go to our commercial roofing page for more details.

Call us for an estimate.


These are new replacement windows installed on a house.

If you have old windows, they could be costing you money. Cool air leaves your home in the summer and warm air exits your home in the winter primarily through your windows.

Replacement Windows

We can replace your old windows with economical and efficient windows that will add an attractive look to your home. And the process is very simple for you. Call us and we will come measure your windows, order them and install them in your home.

We install replacement windows for homes in Albemarle, Concord, Norwood and the surrounding areas. Click here to learn more about new windows.

Siding For Your Home

We offer a wide range of siding products for your home or business. And our professional installers from Albemarle have been putting up siding for many years. Call us for a free siding estimate today.

Add a new look to your home by installing vinyl siding. It is offered with a wide variety of looks. We also offer accessories like raised panel shutters, louvered shutters and vented soffits. Call us today for an installed price.

Leaf Free Guttering

A picture of the guttering we install.

We specialize in custom made leaf free guttering. They keep leaves from gathering in your gutters. And that significantly reduces the work you must do.

Get More Details

Take a look at our website and then give us an opportunity to bid your job. whether it consists of a remodeling project, shingle roofing, metal or flat rubber roofing, vinyl windows, or leaf-free gutters. We cover from Locust to Troy and the surrounding areas.

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