Roofing Repair

Re-roofing a home requires one of two industry accepted methods. Either the old material is removed (the  TEAR-OFF method) before new material is installed or, if within the building code, new material is installed directly over existing roofing (the RE-COVER method). We go to great lengths to take care of your home and its surroundings. We treat your home as we would our own!


The main system that we use is called EPDM- Rubber Membrane. It is a light weight roofing system that can most often be installed DIRECTLY ONTO THE EXISTING flat roof material to avoid the mess and possible shutdown of businesses, offices, and/ or church buildings, as well as homes & out buildings.


Your may need to repair your chimney or other masonry around your roof.

Learn more about Water Repellant and Acrylic Trowel-On products.

Ranger & Associates is experienced
in providing first class roofing service.


  • Have you been inquiring about costs of a new roof?
  • Has everyone else in your neighborhood gotten insurance claim settlements but you?
  • Is $7,000.00 not in your budget for a new roof!

If your current roof needs attention, why not call on Ranger & Associates and let us show you how to save your hard earned cash & have a sound, watertight roof? Call for a roof inspection. You may only need minor repair as preventative maintenance to assure water tightness.

Semi Annual Maintenance programs available. Call today.

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